Podcast: 'From the Hip' talks 'Real Housewives of Atlanta,' 'Little Women: Dallas' and places you can wear a 'romphim'

So, we've been a little serious lately, telling you what to watch and when and what to read, even.

Now, we're letting our hair down and talking about what we knooooow you're talking about. And that's The Real Housewives of Atlanta. What's really going on with Phaedra and 'em? That reunion was an unprecedented four parts. and it seems they needed every one of them.

Singer-actress-radio show host Kisha Grandy joined us for a laugh-filled time as we discussed if a Housewife from another franchise might be able to parachute into Atlanta; why we think Brichelle needs to get more credit on Little Women: Dallas; and the appropriate places, if any, that you can wear the short-sleeved, short-legged romper for men, the "romphim."

Among other things ... Press play below and on iTunes.

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