A Valentine's Day playlist for lovers. And one for not lovers.

Say what you want about Michael Bolton and his music. Sometimes, he was spot on with the message he was trying to convey. On his 1991 hit -- which may or may not be a ripoff of the 1964 Isley Brothers hit of the same name -- the formerly-lion-maned balladeer sang "Love is wonderful thing, make ya smile through the pouring rain."

We love love.

To paraphrase I Corinthians 13:4-8, love is sappy, love is sexy. It can be silly, it can be liberating. So, on that note, here's a Valentine's Day playlist that can work for pretty much any mood lovers may find themselves in come Feb. 14.

If you love love, here's your playlist:

Of course, there's the other side of love.

The darker side of love overwhelms the silly, sappy, sexy vibes for one reason or another. If you're a prisoner to love, one way out of that rotted jail cell might be to hurl a bit of hatred.

For as many wonderful songs have been written about love, just as many have been written about love lost.

So, gather up those love notes, that wedding scrapbook you don't need anymore. Toss it in the trash, light that sucker on fire. But first, push play on this list we made just for you.

If you hate love, here's your playlist:

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