Lana Del Rey: Is she worth the circus?

Few, if any, artists have risen to higher headliner heights while retaining an enigmatic veil the way Lana Del Rey has in the past decade. It's not that she's reclusive, only to be heard from when a new record is ready. In fact, she's been featured in plenty of headlines that don't relate to her critically-lauded music. Those controversies have only stoked the intrigue.

In 2011, as the video for her breakout hit "Video Games" became a YouTube sensation, amateur internet sleuths were quick to suggest Del Rey was a manufactured celebrity after performing under different names in the past, including her real name Lizzy Grant. Her lethargic performance on Saturday Night Live in 2012 drew ridicule -- and even a skit on the show starring Kristen Wiig -- to address the odd nature of the appearance.

In the weeks leading up to the 2014 release of her psychedelic-tinted Ultraviolence, Del Rey sparked gasps when she said, "I wish I was dead already" during an interview with The Guardian and that "the issue of feminism is just not an interesting concept" to The Fader.

Those statements didn't win her many fans, but they didn't seem to lose her many either, as evidenced by historically significant sales numbers.

Now, Del Rey finds herself in the midst of another storm after telling a recent audience that British rock legends Radiohead are suing her for 100 percent of the royalties from her song "Get Free," which the band allegedly claims Del Ray ripped off. For one thing, the song is strikingly similar, and for another, Radiohead's publisher is claiming that no such lawsuit exists. But hey, millions of people are now familiar with a Del Rey song they may not have known before.

She's a rare superstar who keeps fans and the media guessing. Better still, she has to talent to make all the games worthwhile.

Lana Del Rey performs with Kali Uchis on Feb. 8 at 8 p.m. at the American Airlines Center. Details.

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