This year has been a very good one for Snow Tha Product.

The nascent actress co-starred in Queen of the South. The veteran rapper wrote "Run That," an empowerment anthem for the Dallas-shot USA Network series. The proud Mexican-American helped bring home an MTV Video Music Award for "Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)" off the Hamilton mixtape. 

And her star is rising in direct proportion.

"I'm excited. I feel like it's definitely been a transitional year from kinda not knowing if I wanted to keep going to all of a sudden having like a glimpse of hope, like, 'Oh, shoot. I think I really gotta keep going at it,'" she said.

"There's definitely people paying attention that didn't before. And people talking to me kinda like, 'Oh, shoot. You're about to really blow up,' so I think the conversations have really changed recently. And it's exciting, you know. ... I changed management and I've just done a lot of things that have come from good energy into my career."

And what does she do for an encore? She goes to work. Snow is headlining a 35-date tour that will stop at 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 11, at South Side Music Hall. Doors open at 8.

For now, she's "focused on the music." 

Why Dallas-shot 'Queen of the South' feels at home in North Texas 

The crossover public may just be getting acquainted, but Claudia Alexandra Feliciano has been around a long time in hip-hop years. She released her first album in 2011, gaining a rabid fan base.

"That's the best thing you can have," she said. "Having fly-by-night fans that just like you because you're on the radio is one thing, but when you really have people that have kinda gone through the journey with you and you know, they go to 10 of your shows or they just feel like they are family and they just really want to see you win. That's the best thing you can have. Honestly, that's where the real dream-come-true aspect of my career is."

Those fans include many who are local. "I lived out here forever," she says, noting that she grew up in the North Texas rap scene. When she was shooting Queen of the South in Dallas, she'd go to her mother's house in Fort Worth when she had time away from the set. 

And there's another place she has to go when she's here.

Snow Tha Product / AJ Hernz / Castro Escobar

"My mom is Mexican as hell, so she goes to La Gran Plaza all the time," she said. "So literally she forces me to go over there. And the reason I say forces is that because obviously a lot of my fans are there. Then I don't get to have just a good mom-daughter time. Like there's people that want to take pictures and stuff ... but it's dope and she loves it.

"She loves the attention. Honestly, I like to be more low-key. My mom loves when people ask her for pictures."

Dallas is always on Feliciano's mind; she's planning something special for her show here. And, yes, her proud mother will be there.

"I don't ever have a set setlist for the tour," she said. "There are certain pockets in the country that know my older stuff. Dallas, I definitely feel like they've been rocking with me for so long that do I go all the way back, and then I play all the new stuff. I like to give Dallas, specifically, an especially long show. Obviously, my mom's there and I like to just turn up out there. So I think it's gonna be pretty good."

Her voice, as apt to rap and talk in Spanish as in English, was a little hoarse after back-to-back tour stops. But, no matter what the meteorologists say, expect to see Snow in Dallas. 

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