David and Tamela Mann, stars of BET reality TV show "It's a Mann's World," have taken the show on the road and will stop at Music Hall at Fair Park on Saturday, Nov. 11.

David and Tamela Mann, stars of BET reality TV show "It's a Mann's World," have taken the show on the road and will stop at Music Hall at Fair Park on Saturday, Nov. 11.

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The Mann's World Family Tour lives up to its name as a family affair.

Well, more like another television show.

"Our kids grew up around the stage. They grew up watching us onstage, and they have their own talents. And so we were like, why don't we just put it on stage with us and we just all hit the road together? Like the Partridge Family or somebody," said David Mann. "So we literally did that. Let's just hit the road, put together a show and let's just go."

That's exactly what they've done.

David Jr., Tia, David and Tamela are "always together." And so the four people viewers know through the Mansfield-shot reality television show It's a Mann's World will bring their home to the stage on Saturday, Nov. 11 at 7 p.m. at the Music Hall at Fair Park, 909 First Ave., Dallas.

Did they flip a coin to see who would go first?

"No," David and Tamela Mann said in harmony.

David was more pointed: "We know the kids were going to open the show. They're the openers. And I knew I would open for her because she's the star."

And then he quoted classic gospel: "I'm just a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody."

The stage is set for Fort Worth native and gospel superstar Tamela Mann

That somebody is Tamela, who won a Grammy earlier this year for hit single "God Provides." She also has a string of accolades attached to her latest CD release, One Way. She has numerous Stellar and GMA awards and many nominations to her credit.

The schedule seems so simple. But don't expect to leave without some surprises and nothing less than happy feelings, and more.

"They can expect the unexpected," Tamela said. "When it comes to the Manns, it's the unexpected because you'll get to touch every emotion.

"And what happens is my son kicks it off; it's like a big family reunion and he's the DJ. And our daughter — Tia is the baby girl —she does her new-soul set, and then David comes out and does comedy and then I come out and we just go on to church."

David interjects: "... And take us home."

Home is fairly close in distance to Music Hall at Fair Park. But they won't be going to check on the house. David and Tamela Mann are both from Fort Worth and now live in Mansfield.

"If you go home, you wind up doing everything that comes with home," said David. "I want to treat it as if we're out on the road. Because if you go home ... by the time it's time to do the show, you're going to be tired."

But "tired" means stopping the tour. And that's not yet.

"I've been enjoying myself, so I'm honestly not tired yet, but I know you have to rest the body and our vocals and everything," said Tamela

That's especially so when there are still so many things on the to-do list, some of which can only be teased. 

Mann's World Family Tour

"We're gonna be working on new music," said David. "We're gonna shoot a Christmas movie for release next Christmas. ... It's gonna be a big surprise coming out soon. You haven't seen a couple of characters lately that we play. I don't want to give it away. You're gonna see us back."

But for now, the focus is on the tour. Tamela has high aspirations.

"You know, the thing is, I hope someone takes a nugget that will give them inspiration and some joy for what they're going through at the time," she said. "I want everybody to be inspired and just to give them some hope."

David is all in, but with some baser leanings:

"And I want people to laugh until you have a headache and pass out."

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