Selena Gomez's new "Fetish" music video is drawing intense reactions.

Selena Gomez's new "Fetish" music video is drawing intense reactions.

Elizabeth Weinberg/New York Times

Selena Gomez's fresh video for "Fetish" is making waves, with some citing horror movie vibes, others calling it an examination of mental illness, and Billboard interviewing two "sexperts" about it. Plus, fans are saying its release has been sabotaged

Some of the most talked-about scenes in the video involve Sel eating soap, sucking on broken glass and using an eyelash curler on her tongue. The Grand Prairie-born star also has an indoor candlelit dinner for one in the pouring rain, and ends up in a walk-in freezer full of peaches with Gucci Mane towards the end of the video.  

Whichever way you slice it, all these elements add up to a provocative performance. Petra Collins, the video's director, spoke to Vanity Fair in May about the possibility of collaborating with Selena Gomez on a horror film in the future. 

"I love The Exorcist and the things that come from inside you, the things that are a little more subtle, and things that you deal with from inwards, and I feel like it's something Selena and I both love talking about . . . that topic is sort of dear to us," Collins told Vanity Fair.

If you haven't seen the video yet, you're going to want to give it a watch, if only to join in the conversation. Whatever your reaction, we're betting it gets under your skin one way or another. 

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