Oasis was the biggest and arguably best Brit-pop band in the '90s. The band has a new DVD, which is one of eight gifts you should consider for the music lover in your life.

Oasis was the biggest and arguably best Brit-pop band in the '90s. The band has a new DVD, which is one of eight gifts you should consider for the music lover in your life.

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If that special someone on your Christmas list quotes song lyrics, collects concert ticket stubs or obsessively debates the merits of vinyl versus CD, chances are good they're hoping for a music-related gift.

Here are our picks for new CDs, LPs, books, and DVDs that might make your music-lover smile on Christmas morning.

Bruce Springsteen's book Born to Run


Springsteen's best songs can be quite grim, but anyone who's seen him live knows how hilarious he can be -- a fact he proves in every chapter of his raw, deeply-personal 528-page autobiography. The Boss doesn't shy from the dark spots in his life, including childhood battles with his dad and his own struggle with depression, but he tackles everything with the same poetic joie de vivre that makes his music and concerts so powerful.

Oasis' Supersonic DVD


Before the band broke apart in a storm of egos and sibling rivalry, Oasis was the biggest and arguably best Brit-pop band in the '90s. This fascinating documentary focuses on the meteoric rise of battling brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher, who astutely points out "Oasis was like a Ferrari: Great to look at, great to drive, and it'll (expletive) spin out of control every now and again."

Led Zeppelin box set: The Complete BBC Sessions

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$16.52 for CDs, $89.36 for vinyl

In the studio, Led Zeppelin set new standards for how rock 'n' roll sounded. Onstage, the band was equally potent. This expanded, remastered version of 1997's The BBC Sessions captures Zeppelin live in all its improvisational glory from 1968 to 1971 -- an era when Robert Plant invented a distinct new language of moans, shrieks and wails, and Jimmy Page matched him note-for-note on guitar. Casual fans should stick to the band's studio albums, but Zep fanatics will be thrilled by the never-before-released 3rd CD, including "Sunshine Woman."

Willie Nelson with David Ritz, Pretty Paper book


One of country's greatest songwriters also turns out to be a gifted storyteller, too. Co-authored with former Dallasite David Ritz, Pretty Paper is a charming Christmas mystery inspired by the 1963 song of the same name. Nelson wrote the tune after seeing a legless man selling Christmas wrapping paper near the long-gone Leonard's Department store in downtown Fort Worth.

Nina Simone box set: The Philips Years

$46.20 for CDs, $137.90 for vinyl

Last year's Oscar-nominated documentary What Happened, Miss Simone? helped re-ignite interest in the late, great jazz-soul singer and paved the way for this reissue. While there isn't any new artwork or liner notes in this 4-CD or 7-LP box set, the music speaks for itself. The collection features Nina Simone at the height of her vocal powers from 1964 to 1967 and includes her haunting versions of "Strange Fruit" and "I Put A Spell On You."

Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris box set: The Complete Trio Collection 


Country harmonies have seldom sounded sweeter than they did when Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris convened for 1987's Trio and 1999's Trio II. This newly-remastered 3-CD set also includes a bonus disc of 20 unreleased tracks and outtakes. The group no longer exists -- Ronstadt retired in 2011 due to the Parkinson's disease. But in its prime, it was the rare "super-group" that actually lived up to that lofty phrase.

Boombox: Early Independent Hip-Hop, Electro and Disco Rap 1979-82 -- double CD


Picking up where the recent Netflix series The Get Down left off, Boombox digs deep into hip-hop history with two CDs of obscure tunes issued on tiny NYC labels from 1979-1982. None of these songs were hits, but it's a thrill to hear what "old school" sounded like when it was still new in songs like "Philosophy Rappin' Spree."

The Monkees, The Complete Series, Blu-Ray box set


The Monkees' recent 50th anniversary tour reminded fans just how well most of their songs have aged. You can't always say the same about their zany-corny TV show, which aired on NBC from 1966 to 1968. Still, hard-core fans will be happy to walk down memory lane with this exhaustive 58-show HD Blu-Ray box set, which expands upon 2003's DVD version and includes the psychedelic film Head and the 1969 TV special 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee.

Thor Christensen is a Dallas writer and critic. Email him at thorchris2@yahoo.com.

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