It was a day like any other. A few months ago, an email popped into my inbox about a class action lawsuit settlement regarding Ticketmaster, the popular online ticket purchasing site. I thought, "Hey cool!" and sent it into the archive. 

Here are the bands you can see in Dallas with your free Ticketmaster vouchers

But now, just a few months later, I've got 22 free tickets to an eligible event from Ticketmaster.

Let me explain. For ten or so years, Ticketmaster was tangled up in a class action lawsuit titled Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster, where a bunch of people went after the company for its extreme fee charging on orders. You know, like the tax on top of the tax on top of the "convenience fee" that always seemed to be on your receipt? They settled in 2011, and five years later they are ready to deliver the spoils.

So, whether you got the email a few months ago or not, it's probably worth signing into your Ticketmaster account tonight to see if there are any free tickets waiting for you. Head to 'My Account' and then click 'Active Vouchers' on the left side. 

Of course, the only catch is that some events are not eligible for the vouchers. Trust me, I've already tried to buy Kanye tickets. Each voucher code will nab you two tickets, with two codes max per event (so four tickets). 

For more information on Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster and a list of events eligible for the discount, visit their website. (Don't worry the list isn't live yet, but should be updated in the coming days.)

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