The Beyhive collectively lost its mind Saturday night when Beyoncé dropped her new visual album "Lemonade" on HBO. 

What exactly were we watching? Twitter was not sure, but everyone was ready to find out.

A lot of questions about whether Beyoncé and Jay Z were getting divorced:

Then realizations that she could be channeling her mother's story:

But wait, maybe mothers everywhere? 

The power of black women was displayed in full force throughout the video:

In the section titled "Anger," Beyoncé sampled this Malcolm X speech given on  May 22, 1962, in Los Angeles to a crowd of black Americans:

So what is #LEMONADE actually? 

The album is only available for streaming on Tidal — so she can't be too mad at Jay Z. She lists her name as Beyoncé Knowles Carter in the credits too so, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There are going to be enough think pieces about the album to keep everyone busy until Queen Bey comes to Dallas on May 9 at AT&T Stadium.

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Tara Bryant contributed to this report.

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