Axl Rose will lead the Guns N' Roses tour to Dallas. (AP Photo/Nousha Salimi, file) 

Axl Rose will lead the Guns N' Roses tour to Dallas. (AP Photo/Nousha Salimi, file) 

UPDATE (April 1, 2:25 p.m.): We now have a date and location for Guns N' Roses' big show in North Texas: It's August 3 at AT&T Stadium. Tickets for the general public go on sale April 8 at And get this: It's called the "Not In This Lifetime" tour. 


Get ready to hear those words screamed at you by Axl Rose from the stage of a yet-unnamed North Texas arena, while you watch an interestingly-hatted Slash lay into his guitar. That's right, Guns N' Roses confirmed in March that its reunited lineup of Rose, Slash, Duff and, OK, not Izzy will roll through Dallas as part of its upcoming tour. 

This is a big, big deal for those who watched and delighted as Guns' Appetite for Destruction album took over the charts and the collective consciousness in 1987. 

The original lineup got through a string of monster hits and much mind-altering inner turmoil before Rose was ultimately left carrying the torch.  But having Slash back, especially, should establish a return-to-glory theme that will boost the new tour. 

Now, what does the coming GNR live resurgence mean for those rumors that Rose will serve as a guest vocalist for the remainder of AC/DC's shows on its current tour? 

Despite much online speculation, there's still no official word as to whether Axl will step in later this year following the absence of Brian Johnson, who left the AC/DC tour after doctors told him hearing loss was imminent if he didn't stop

Rose could do both the AC/DC stint and the GNR tour later on, but it's hard to imagine the frontman taking eyes off his own band's ball for long. 

Everything will be revealed in time. All we need is just a little ... you know. Keep tabs on Guns N' Roses here.

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