Toby Mac performs at Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie on Saturday, December 5, 2015. (Louis DeLuca/The Dallas Morning News)

Toby Mac performs at Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie on Saturday, December 5, 2015. (Louis DeLuca/The Dallas Morning News)

Even those unfamiliar to contemporary nonsecular music can get into the raw energy and spirit of TobyMac. The Christian pop-rock star has been pushing the boundaries of his genre for more than two decades, blending rap, rock, funk and many more styles. 

Love and support for the veteran artist materialized with thousands of fans on Saturday when Mac played to a sold-out crowd at Verizon Theatre.

Mac got his start with the groundbreaking Christian group DC Talk, a trio that made splashes with a similarly unorthodox blend of musical influences beginning in 1987. After five records and multiple hit singles, the band members went on a hiatus in 2001 to kick-start their solo careers. Mac released his first record the same year, with seven more original to follow. 

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It's easy to see why he's stayed relevant through the changing tides of music and generations — his onstage energy and charisma never let up on Saturday. Same goes for the band backing him. 

Opening with tracks from his newest record, 2015's This Is Not A Test, Mac brought the heat and the volume early on with the album's title track and "Til The Day I Die."  Not one to stay still, Mac danced all over the stage while rapping and belting out statements of faith and dedication. 

Though she wasn't on the bill for the evening, emerging Christian pop artist Hollyn came out for her featured lines in a few tracks, including "Lights Shine Bright." Her strong vocals added depth and color, showing she has much more to offer than just the six-song EP she released in October.

When he's not grooving to his fast-paced tracks, Mac shares stories about his spirituality and various trials and tribulations he's overcome to get where he is today. Never getting too long-winded, he was able to avoid losing the attention of the younger audience members. 

He easily connected his stories to the music. The calmer acoustic intro for "Steal My Show" helped spotlight the humility of its lyrics, ones he admitted were a struggle to write.

Before the ecstatic crowd could warm the seats, fans were back on their feet for a turned-up rendition of "Move (Keep Walkin')" complete with two-part drum line and a marching horn section. 

He embraced and acknowledged his musical roots with DC Talk by performing "Love Feels Like," a single featuring his longtime bandmates that was written about helping his late father fight for life. Full of heartache, the song revealed a softer side of the star.

After a 90-minute set, Mac came out for one booming encore, a track that might make any longtime fan squeal: To celebrate the 20-year anniversary of DC Talk's Jesus Freak, Mac performed its title track. For those who'd been with the headliner since his early days, it was well worth a late curtain call.

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