Remember in 2004 when Beyoncé reminded us that she knew how to be a naughty girl? Well, Naughty Boy, a British DJ, songwriter and record producer, is taking Queen Bey's sound in much more mature direction based on the teaser he released on YouTube of their newest collaboration. 

As he should. She is a flawless married woman with a daughter that makes us crumple from her adorableness. I mean, look at this family:

What does this mean for the world? New music that's what. 

It would not be the first time for Beyoncé to take the world by surprise with a new album. Remember December 2013 when she released the self-titled album that we didn't even know we needed at the time?

Yeah, I know, I was drunk in love with it too.

Sure, you might be disappointed that this snippet is literally 15 seconds. But, let's look on the bright side — new music must be coming. 

When the last album dropped I was living in Europe and it was the soundtrack to my trekking around Amsterdam. Here's to hoping the next album can provide equally if not even more awesome background music to life. 

Take a listen to the first notes here:

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