Your time and money are valuable, so you should invest them in good movies. Here are some films in theaters this week that have been approved by our in-house critics and/or reviewers from elsewhere on the internet.

The House with a Clock in its Walls

The Washington Post says, "It's a throwback to an earlier era of filmmaking, in which the benefits of new technology are neatly disguised in old-school storytelling."

Fahrenheit 11/9

Chris Vognar says, "If you agree with Moore's premise in Fahrenheit 11/9 -- that Donald Trump's election and presidency is the latest sign of the apocalypse -- chances are you'll laugh along and vent some steam. If you don't? Well, you probably won't see it, which won't keep you from claiming it's an abomination." Read his full review.

Assassination Nation says, "It doesn't all work -- a film that takes such a buckshot approach to satire never can be -- but there's enough filmmaking verve on display here to make me like it."


The Los Angeles Times says, "It could use an operatic high note, or even a truly deep dark night of the soul, some oscillation in the levels. But the film reflects the evenness with which Sevigny portrays the unflappable Lizzie, cool as a cucumber all the way to court."

A Simple Favor

The Associated Press calls A Simple Favor, "An often lighthearted, sometimes creepy journey through the female stereotypes of the genre, with Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively as guides who both delight in and subvert traditional noir archetypes."

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