It sucks to waste your money and your time on bad movies. Of course, your individual enjoyment is subjective, but here are five films in theaters this week that were panned by critics — either our own or reviewers from elsewhere on the internet.


I'm a big fan of the character Venom, but he tends to be at his best when he's working against (or with) Spider-Man... who is nowhere to been seen in this anti-hero movie. Compared to the high bars set by most Marvel movies over the past few years, Venom is not a great film, but if you're a fan of the source material it has some fun moments (and teases what could be a good sequel). Variety says "Venom is a textbook case of a comic-book film that's unexciting in its ho-hum competence, and even its visual-effects bravura.

Loving Pablo

Hollywood Reporter says, "Like flipping through the pages of a pulpy best-seller, watching Loving Pablo has its moments of guilty pleasure but leaves an empty feeling when you reach the end."

Viking Destiny (Of Gods and Warriors)

New York Times says, "A bit of low-budget Nordic nonsense that only makes you appreciate the visual finesse and rowdy discipline of the History channel's Vikings."

Little Women

By the sound of early reviews, this 2018 update to the classic Little Women story isn't atrocious so much as it is unnecessary. Seattle Times says, "There isn't much to be gained by setting Little Women in 2018, other than the amusement factor of seeing the name 'Marmee' as the caller on an iPhone screen, and of wrapping your head around the idea of Laurie as a plaid-blazered hipster."

Night School

The stars are hilarious, but many critics argue that Night School makes poor use of them. Variety says, "A movie starring Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish shouldn't leave you with the lingering sensation that its concept would have worked a lot better on the small screen."

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