Even if you don't listen to Christian radio, you've probably heard MercyMe's hit song "I Can Only Imagine." What you might not know is how that song was birthed Greenville, where the band was founded.

The song, which won numerous awards and was a mainstay on even mainstream radio stations  in the early 2000s, was inspired by the death of MercyMe lead singer Bart Millard's father. The story about their strained relationship is now a movie, also titled I Can Only Imagine. Its Texas roots are immediately apparent, kicking off with a church camp in Greenville and involving a lot of high school football.

While not overly preachy, it's certainly a faith-based movie. The superstars in this music story aren't the usual rock star names -- they're Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith.

Houston-born actor Dennis Quaid plays the father, Arthur Millard, who in real life was a football player at SMU. We sat down with Quaid about how his own life prepared him for this role, and what differences there are between filming a secular movie and a religious one.

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