'Wonder' star Owen Wilson lists his top 3 buddy movies starring Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson doesn't care old adage about working with children or animals. He does both in new movie, Wonder.

"I find it to be not true. I've had a good experience acting with kids," he said. "I don't treat it any differently than acting with adults. The goal is always to try to make it real and believable and interesting and funny."

And that's exactly what happens in Wonder, which came to theaters Nov. 17. The film is ultimately about how we see each other through different lenses and how it can lead to unlikely pairings. Like some of his movies ...

Wilson, who seems to specialize in the affable, well-intentioned best bud, named his top three buddy films that star, wait for it, Owen Wilson.

"It's gonna be hard," he warned. "Gosh, it's gonna be hard."

Here they go:

The Darjeeling Limited: Francis (Wilson), Peter (Adrien Brody) and Jack (Jason Schwartzman) take a train through India to a destination that only Francis knows. Owen's old pal Wes Anderson directed this 2007 movie (R, 91 mins.).

Shanghai Noon: Wilson starred with Jackie Chan in this film that's almost 20 years old. Wilson plays Old West train robber Roy O'Bannon, who ends up fighting alongside Chon Wang as they try to rescue a princess. (2000, PG-13, 110 mins.) The movie had a London-set sequel: Shanghai Knights (2003, PG-13, 114 mins.).

Wedding Crashers and Starsky &Hutch (tie): Wilson and Vince Vaughn starred in Wedding Crashers (2005, R, 119 mins.), a film about two dudes who did just that for the bridesmaids, and the free booze and food. Wilson is Hutch to Ben Stiller's Starsky in Starsky & Hutch (2004, PG-13, 101 mins.), a mostly spoof of the TV action-adventure cop series.

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