The best repertory film series in town revs up again at the Magnolia next week

The Big Movie series at Landmark's Magnolia has become the most consistent and eclectic repertory film series in Dallas. Every Tuesday night the Magnolia rolls out something worth seeing on the big screen, preferably with a sizable audience. (That's still the best way to see a movie, regardless of what the home theater hermits say).

The new Big Movie batch starts with His Girl Friday, Howard Hawks' lightning-quick ode to deadline journalism, true love and the gift of gab. Here's what comes next. I'll host the May 26 screening of M.

April 14 - Don't Look Now: Nicolas Roeg's moody 1973 thriller is still of the scariest things I've ever seen.

April 21 - Grand Hotel: Greta Garbo, John Barrymore and Joan Crawford are among the visitors in this slice of Golden Age Hollywood opulence.

April 28 - The Bad Seed: Adorable little Patty McCormick just can't seem to stop killing people.

May 5 - All That Jazz: Bob Fosse's bawdy autobiographical fantasia leaps off the screen.

May 12 - Rebecca: Alfred Hitchcock's first American film was also his only Oscar winner.

May 19 - Viva Las Vegas: Elvis Presley. Ann-Margret. Hubba-hubba.

May 26 - M: Fritz Lang's portrait of Berlin's hunt for a child killer is one the great early sound movies.

June 2 - Superman: Christopher Reeve is Superman, and don't you forget it.

June 9 - Psycho: More Hitchcock, and a dutiful son named Norman.

June 16 - Funny Girl: Babs. Like butta.

June 23 - 2001: A Space Odyssey: There's no reason to watch this at home, no matter how big your TV is.

Now. Go watch a movie.

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