Your time and money are valuable, so you should invest them in good movies. Here are some films in theaters this week that have been approved by our in-house critics and/or reviewers from elsewhere on the internet.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

"It's difficult to watch the documentary Won't You Be My Neighbor? without falling into a state of reverence for its subject. Probably pointless, too. The Fred Rogers we spend 90 minutes with here is unfailingly kind, patient, generous and, perhaps most important, real." Read Chris Vognar's full review.

Ocean's 8

While not a perfect heist movie, many critics seem to agree that Ocean's 8 gets a lot of mileage out of its stellar cast of leading ladies. Entertainment Weekly says, "Ocean's 8's girls-just-wanna-have-grand-larceny conceit is the kind of starry, high-gloss goof the summer movie season was made for."


The praise for Hereditary has been high, and the film might keep you up at night. The Associated Press calls it "a movie so horrifying and good that you have to see it, even if you shouldn't want to, even if you might never sleep peacefully again."

Hotel Artemis

You may have seen the pieces of this movie before, but they're put together well. AV Club says, "We've seen it all before in movies and video games, but the packaging is slick and hard to resist."

First Reformed

Filmmaker Paul Schrader creates a similar seeker, a small-town priest haunted by an overarching question: Will God forgive us? And if he won't, what's the point? Read Chris Vognar's full review.

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