The Death of Stalin

The Death of Stalin


Your time and money are valuable, so you should invest them in good movies. Here are some films in theaters this week that have been approved by our in-house critics and/or reviewers from elsewhere on the internet.

The Death of Stalin

"The Death of Stalin plays like a Shakespeare history play crossbred with a particularly profane Marx Brothers comedy. As Stalin lies dying in his own urine, his comrades try not to step in it. They need to find a doctor, but all the good ones are in the gulag. Insults flow like the blood of Stalin's innumerable enemies. Nobody escapes with dignity intact, which is par for Iannucci's course." -- Read Chris Vognar's full review

Pacific Rim Uprising

"Do you like watching giant robots fight monsters, often with little to no regard for how much destruction ends up in their wake? Great news: There's something in Pacific Rim: Uprising for you." -- Read my full review


Chris Vognar says, "Foxtrot takes us from unfathomable mourning to soul-numbing tedium and back again." -- Read his full review.


A horror-thriller directed by Steven Soderbergh and shot entirely on an iPhone, The Associated Press says, "Unsane captures much of the pain, confusion and self-doubt that can follow sexual abuse - and the potentially dire consequences of not heeding a victim's warnings."

Love, Simon

It's a coming out story, but this teen romance isn't just worthwhile because the protagonist is gay. The tribulations of falling in love with a mystery suitor while also trying to survive everyday high school live will be relatable to a wide variety of young adult viewers.

Check out our interview with the stars and director of the film.

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