Must See Movies: Five films worth your time in theaters this week

Your time and money are valuable, so you should invest them in good movies. Here are some films in theaters this week that have been approved by our in-house critics and/or reviewers from elsewhere on the internet.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Our own Chris Vognar says, "Three Billboards never trades in shock value at the expense of story. This is a movie of scabrous humor and deep sadness that thrives on genuine emotions and desires: Anger, scorn, love, vengeance. Especially vengeance." Read the full review.


The Associated Press says, "Stephen Chbosky's Wonder, despite its Hallmark Card appearance, is far from the exercise in emotional manipulation some might fear. Even the most pessimistic of us may actually find it charming and genuinely affecting."

The Star

Variety says, "The Star delivers a fresh take on a story that its Christian target audience presumably knows by heart, emphasizing such qualities as faith, friendship and teamwork in the process."

Murder on the Orient Express

This new adaptation of Agatha Christie's classic mystery novel isn't particularly mind-blowing, but it serves as good crime story comfort food -- a whodunit that's easy to settle in with for a couple of hours. Read my full review.

Last Flag Flying

Our own Chris Vognar said in his review, "It sends the mind moving, to the links between Vietnam and Iraq, to the bonds of grief and friendship, and to what it means to serve a country and an institution that gives and takes away."

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