Failed Movie Magic: Five films to avoid in theaters this week

It sucks to waste your money and your time on bad movies. Of course, your individual enjoyment is subjective, but here are five films in theaters this week that were panned by critics — either our own or reviewers from elsewhere on the internet.


Variety calls this faith-based movie, "A sluggish biblical epic that might have been more bearable if it had a much higher campiness quotient."

Fifty Shades Freed

Hollywood Reporter asks, "Seriously, is this the best we can offer adults who don't want to watch Marvel movies?"

Variety says, "A sex-free, PG-13 version of "Freed" could be cut without shedding a second of narrative coherence, such as it is; one could ask what the point of that would be, though similar queries might be leveled at the film as it stands."


Hollywood Reporter says, "Winchester draws on a fascinating true story but then simplifies and sensationalizes it to fit creaky, clunky horror conventions."

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

The Associated Press says, "The Death Cure is the biggest budgeted, most bloated and longest running entry for the franchise."

Forever My Girl

The Washington Post calls this romantic drama "A by-the-book redemption story for a guy who hardly deserves it."

Goes Well With...


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