'Geostorm' Movie

'Geostorm' Movie


It sucks to waste your money and your time on bad movies. Of course, your individual enjoyment is subjective, but here are five films in theaters this week that were panned by critics — either our own or reviewers from elsewhere on the internet.


Entertainment Weekly says of this one, "Geostorm in a nutshell: a bunch of supposedly connected scenes that don't seem to even know each other and were maybe shot years apart."

Tyler Perry's Boo 2: A Madea Halloween

RogerEbert.com says, "Like Madea, Perry's getting away with attempted murder."

The Snowman

The Los Angeles Times says, "There's probably a good movie or several buried in the frigid wilds of Nesbø's fiction, and with more time and cultural nuance and fewer cooks in the kitchen, it might well be realized."

The Mountain Between Us

Some caveats: 1) Critical response to this one is actually fairly mixed, not outright negative. 2) There are a lot of people for whom the story of Idris Elba both saving and falling deeply in love with a woman will check a lot of boxes.

Still, Variety calls it, "A movie in which neither the subzero temperature nor the romantic heat penetrates more than skin deep."


The Los Angeles Times doesn't beat around the bush, saying, "The best that can be said about the Flatliners remake is that the new filmmaking team of writer Ben Ripley and director Niels Arden Oplev makes the original's members look like peerless masters of horror."

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