Michael Pena, left, as Ponch and Dax Shepard as Jon star in the action comedy "CHiPs." 

Michael Pena, left, as Ponch and Dax Shepard as Jon star in the action comedy "CHiPs." 

Peter Iovino/Warner Bros. Pictures

It sucks to waste your money and your time on bad movies. Of course, your individual enjoyment is subjective, but here are five films in theaters this week that were panned by critics — either our own or reviewers from elsewhere on the internet.


The Associated Press says, "Reimagined by writer, director, producer and star Dax Shepard, the big-screen CHIPS is a tawdry, testosterone-fueled tale built around penis jokes and endless evaluation of women's appearances."


Critics are a bit torn on this adaptation, but The New York Times says, "The dark, comic poignancy of the book is drowned in garish, self-conscious whimsy, and the work of a talented ensemble is squandered on awkward heartstring snatching."

The Belko Experiment

This horror movie isn't universally hated by any means. In fact, Entertainment Weekly says, "We live in disturbing times. Belko is an appropriately disreputable, gleefully disturbing movie."

But other top critics are less enthused. Vulture says, "The Belko Experiment is the kind of film many people will walk out of, and those who stick it out to the end just to see the curtain pulled back will be sorely let down by an ending so anti-climactic I could spoil it right now and you'd ask, 'That's it?'"

The Last Word

NPR says that Shirley MacLaine's first starring role in years is, "So empty and witless, dressing up a formulaic story with boatloads of unearned sentiment and embarrassing, one-note characters, that it seems destined to lie here as a bloated paperweight on MacLaine's own memory."

The Shack

The book may be a bestseller, but The Shack struggles to accomplish what it sets out to do. The New York Times says, "As the film passes the two-hour mark, it begins to feel as if it's treading water. People of faith already know that there are no cut-and-dried answers to the kinds of questions Mack is asking."

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