What’s the most iconic movie made in Texas? This map says ‘Dazed and Confused’

Here’s a tough task for you: Name the most iconic movie that was filmed in Texas. There are a lot to choose from, right? The Lone Star State is a hugely popular setting for films, and many of them are excellent.

A travel blog called HotelsCombined.com has attempted to map the most iconic movie filmed in each state, and for Texas, the editors chose Dazed and Confused. Lord knows I love that movie, but the most iconic? Hmm. It doesn’t seem inherently Texas. It seems like a story that could have taken place just about anywhere. When I think about truly iconic Texas films, I think more along the lines of The Last Picture Show or Giant.

What do you think? Vote in the poll below. Also, you can click here to see the full blog post from HotelsCombined.com, which also did some cool maps detailing the places worldwide where the most films are shot.

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