Michelle Obama, the dopest FLOTUS, dropped her rap video called "Go to College" this week. (The name could use work, I know.)

She teamed up with Jay Pharoah of Saturday Night Live to get the youths excited about higher education. The pair are shown rapping around the White House lawn and the Diplomatic Room (the one with the murals). 

The video, produced by College Humor, is part of the Better Make Room campaign spearheaded by the White House to empower "Generation Z" a.k.a. Americans ages 14 to 19 to finish their education past high school. Whether that means completing a degree from a professional training program, community college or a four-year university. 

So, while it is no "Turn Out For What" video, do what it says and "If you want to fight crime, you should go to college / If you want to write rhymes, fill your head with knowledge."

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