America, is this really where we are at as a nation? Sexy Donald Trump? Or should I say Donna T. Rumpshaker

Nope. Not OK with saying that at all. Pardon me while I wash my mouth out with soap. 

The costume consisting of "royal blue booty shorts" and a "royal blue faux blazer" is offered from Yandy, an online lingerie company, for $70 plus $8 for the hat and $10 for the wig. 

If this is really where Halloween 2015 is headed, I dread the rest of the sexy Halloween season. I have yet to see a sexy Hillary Clinton or Carly Fiorina costume, but at this rate it is only time until they hit some online store. 

Personally, I recommend you save your $90 and put some of it toward doing something to promote body positivity, equality of the sexes and cultural advancement. One suggestion from Parks and Rec: Make a Gertrude Stein. 

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