Nerv Gallery & Studios

A Nerv Art & Fashion show in full swing.

Courtesy: Nerv Gallery & Studios

Nerv Gallery & Studios

4819 Woodall St.
Dallas, TX 75247

All the Details

Nerv Gallery & Studios is a creative coworking facility based in Dallas, TX. Nerv shares space with Mecca Design & Production, where we have three 25,000 square foot warehouses that house our art gallery, artist studios, multipurpose rooms, a woodshop, welding area, office space, etc. Mecca Design is a full service 3D design and fabrication business, specializing in dream fulfillment. A lot of our studio artists get to do creative work with Mecca Design, who is very well known for being a creative design and art company, so many opportunities come through the door. This is such a great opportunity for our artists because they get to work on creative projects that help them earn money all under the same roof as their personal art projects as well as a multitude of tools to help them create. We are always working on something interesting that requires creative problem solving and the environment we have here is a lot of fun! Our Gallery is open for viewing during receptions or by appointment only. The studios are open access to artists.

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