Alamo Drafthouse (Richardson)

The Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson

Alexandra Olivia/Special Contributor

Alamo Drafthouse (Richardson) in Richardson/Lake Highlands

100 S. Central Expressway Suite 14
Richardson, TX 75080

at Belt Line Road in the Richardson Heights Shopping Center

All the Details

  • 972-534-2120
  • Serves Alcohol
The Alamo Drafthouse folks don't just want to show you movies. They want to create an experience for the hard-core film fan, and they usually succeed. That experience can start with the menu. For a marathon showing of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, they served a seven-course Hobbit meal with drinks. Alamo's food options are usually simpler than that, but they're always fresh. The servers swoop to your seat, where they take and deliver orders with ninjalike silence and efficiency. And take heed: No cellphone use allowed. Offenders will be warned once. After that, hit the bricks. Without a refund. Full bar. — From staff reports

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