WaterTower Theatre

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WaterTower Theatre

15650 Addison Road
Addison, TX 75001

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WaterTower Theatre’s mission for the 21st century is to open minds with a diverse mix of plays and educational programs that inspire people to experience and embrace live theatre. We at WaterTower Theatre strive to create magic - a special kind of magic that changes our audiences and ourselves. If we are ever lucky enough to experience this kind of magic, we are transformed - transformed by the communication of thoughts and ideas that have an authentic connection to those who experience the work we do. We believe our work must have something to say about what we believe in and feel passionate about. We strive to provide a connection between ourselves as artists and those who view our work. We hope to inspire the type of thinking that allows reflection and personal change, the type of thinking that is a catalyst for remembrance, the type of thinking that is a reinvestment into those beliefs and experiences that imbue our lives with meaning. To do this, WaterTower Theatre produces a wide range of dramatic literature. Comedies and dramas. Plays and musicals. Classics by the great writers of Western literature as well as new works by up-and-coming authors who provide us with original thoughts, fresh ideas, and up-to-the-minute expressions that reflect our modern and ever-changing lives. WaterTower Theatre provides a place for the community and the world at large to come together to share, to communicate, and to have an experience that is both life affirming and soul expanding. We vow, to the best of our ability, to create a very special kind of theatre. Theatre that provides an experience that is meaningful and significant to those who experience it. Theatre that can provide a “source of hope.” That can change someone’s life for the better.

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