Happy first day of school! Check out these throwback photos of 'News' staffers as kids

Pop quiz: It's the morning of your first day of school, and you're ____________.

Too cool? Still asleep? Crying? Excited? We've all been there.

In support of our many students in Dallas-Fort Worth going back to school this week -- whether that's pre-school or the first day of students' last year, as seniors -- we want to show you what we looked like as school-aged kids.

Here we are: the smart, the sensitive, the nice, the nerdy. We were band kids and athletes and chess players and singers. (But mostly band kids.)

Go get 'em, kiddos!

Holy hair! Juan Jaramillo, assignments metro editor for Al Dia, is not still sporting this awesome 'do.

How excited are you to start school? Jen Graffunder, research and archives associate, was VERY excited to start preschool.

Sharon Grigsby, editorial writer, started first grade with a perfect hairdo, a puffed petticoat and a purse. She carried her school supplies in that paper bag.

Seven-year-old Chuck Stewart, multi-platform editor, missed a button.
Digital entertainment editor Sarah Blaskovich made the bold fashion choice to wear a shirt with her name (barely) on it to the first day of kindergarten.

Frank Christlieb, multi-platform editor, strikes his stone-cold stare at age 7.

Fact: Theater critic Nancy Churnin was better dressed on her first day of school than the rest of us.

SportsDayDFW web producer Josh Friemel still dresses like he did back in 1998.

How We Live editor Leslie Snyder (middle), age 9, ready for 5th grade, with sister Kate and brother Bob, in Nazareth, Pa. This was the school year that started with Leslie's infamous pixie haircut. All copies of her school photo from that year have been destroyed.

Tracy M. Cook, now a business reporter, was stoic at the bus stop on her first day of kindergarten.

Baby Michael Granberry was not harmed in the making of this photo.

Breaking news: Breaking news reporter Eline de Bruijn was adorable when she was little.

What kind of backpack did tiny Britton Peele choose for his first day of kindergarten? Power Rangers, of course. Now he's our video games & geek reporter. Coincidence????
Laura Jacobus, now the assistant editor in Business News, started wearing awesome specs at a young age.

Matt Wixon, our high school sports columnist, wins the school-photo contest. Hair + glasses + freckles + that polo = one dapper first grader.

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