Long before the summer debut of his first album, Leon Bridges was one of the buzziest up-and-comers in indie music. It seems as though listeners were craving a classic sound, and Bridges' breed of soul and blues was just the thing to satisfy.

You've never heard Leon Bridges like this — chopped and grooved with Texas rappers

Since the release of Coming Home, the Fort Worth rising star has been on an upward trajectory that's included a debut atop the Billboard R&B chart, musical guest appearances on several late-night talk shows, a re-imagination of his album through the lens of classic rap artists and, most recently a performance for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series.

The Tiny Desk set features stripped down version of four tracks that are no less powerful or perfect to Bridges' recorded tunes. In fact, if anyone had doubts about his talent, the following video will silence naysayers from the first note.

Check it out:

Tiny Desk track list:

  • "Coming Home"
  • "Smooth Sailin"
  • "Twistin' and Groovin'"
  • "River"
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