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Loss can be a powerful and confusing emotion. Vince Penick, lead singer of Dallas band Valise, knows this all too well.



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When he penned the single "Charlie Gray" from Valise's debut Young Bloomer, Penick was experiencing loss to varying degrees -- the Dr. John Horn High School grad lost his younger brother to kidney disease around the same time his romantic relationship was ending. The best way he could think to deal with those feeling was to contrast the song's moody message with an upbeat drum cadence and overall whimsical vibe.

But in his latest rendition, Penick strips down "Charlie Gray" to its core. He and local musicians Sarah Beck (violin), Channing Hooper (violin) and Kyungjin Yoo (cello) made a private trip hundreds of feet above the city to the Geo-Deck inside Dallas' iconic Reunion Tower to honor the song with solemnness and simplicity.

"I've always wanted to do something stripped down that puts an emphasis on the lyrics and the melody of the strings," Penick says of the hauntingly beautiful tune. 

The video, which you can view below for the first time today, was recorded in one live shot. If you like what you hear, you can catch Valise June 27 at the Taco Libre festival or July 17 at Nasher Sculpture Garden before the four-piece takes off on its first nationwide headlining tour.

"Charlie Gray" from Reunion Tower

"Charlie Gray" official music video

Of this video Penick says: "The idea behind music video was supposed to be like this montage of footage from a relationship, kind of like when a person dies, their whole life flashes before their eyes. In the relationship concept, it's like the whole relationship flashes before your eyes."

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