Why Reunion Tower is the most romantic spot in Dallas 

Here's a fun fact: More than 700 couples get engaged at Reunion Tower every year. Even Texas Rangers baseball player Elvis Andrus popped the question at Reunion Tower.

With lovers rushing to the landmark in droves, what is it about "The Ball" that has so many Dallasites down on one knee?

Here, the six most romantic reasons why Reunion Tower has sweethearts swooning.

The sky's the limit.

From the top of Reunion Tower, any romantic moment can soar above expectations. Bonus points go to anyone who can top Mark Lovvorn's headline-making proposal in 1980: He hired a plane to fly a banner around the tower that read, "Patty, will you marry me?" (Needless to say, Patty said yes.) Now, after 37 years of marriage, Lovvorn reminisces, "What better place to start a life together than [with] a proposal from ... on top of the world?"

Gabe Herrera thought the GeO-Deck at Reunion Tower in Dallas would be the perfect place to propose to his longtime high school sweetheart, Ashley.

You'll be head over heels for the view.

For less extravagant lovers, it doesn't take much more than the Dallas skyline to make a picture-perfect moment. "The view took my breath away," says Gabe Herrera, who proposed to his high school sweetheart at the top of the tower. "I saw it as a good bird's eye view of the entire city kind of encapsulating our entire relationship."

One word: food.

The way to a person's heart is through their stomach, right? Five Sixty -- Wolfgang Puck's restaurant at the top of the tower -- is certainly used to feeding couples before or after an engagement. Guest get a 360 degree view of the city, and the romance of the place will surely leave you spinning.

It serves as a monumental reminder of your love.

Reunion Tower is one of the most iconic buildings in Dallas.

When you share a special moment at an iconic landmark, whether it be a proposal or simply a romantic night out, the place becomes a symbol. "It's really, for us, what a wedding ring does," Lovvorn says. "It reminds you of the vows that you made." A glance up at the tower or a photo of the skyline may rekindle those feelings. And, you'll be keen to promise that your love will last as long as the building stands, which is pretty much the most romantic thing anyone could possibly say.

Spectators add to the element of surprise.

If your significant other is already expecting you to pop the question, doing so in front of starry-eyed onlookers may keep them from predicting the proposal. Herrera chose the GeO-Deck as the spot for his big moment: "[Originally,] I wanted it to be more of a private, intimate moment between us. Then I realized having people around adds to the whole surprise and it seems more candid to do it in front of other people," he said. Believe this: You're going to want to see a sweet, stunned look on his or her face when that little box opens.

It's a go-to anniversary spot for the years to come.

Where better to celebrate an anniversary than the place where you started your new life together? Couples can head back up the tower and turn the day into a tradition.

Mark Lovvorn's spectacular skybound proposal did more than start a marriage: It made headlines! The banner caught the eye of the 'Dallas Morning News,' which featured the couple's proposal story in the paper.

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