Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and you know what that means. Either you're forced into buying a holiday card covered in dumb hearts and naked winged babies or you're singled out because you have no one to share it with.

Honestly, who needs to split a box of chocolates when you could finish it yourself?

This year, embrace your independence. Here are four totally not lame ways to celebrate if you're rocking V-Day solo.

Eat (or drink) your feelings

Don't feel guilty about indulging in sweets on Valentine's Day, that's what it's about, right? 

Small Brewpub will be serving coffee cream puffs with Bavarian cream, berry krispies, maple and cornflake semifreddo as one of its dessert dinner courses.

Small Brewpub will be serving coffee cream puffs with Bavarian cream, berry krispies, maple and cornflake semifreddo as one of its dessert dinner courses.

Courtesy of Small Brewpub

On Feb. 14, Small Brewpub in Dallas is hosting a four-course dessert dinner and each plate represents a point on the arc of a failed relationship. Surely, you've experienced one of those, but it probably didn't leave as great a taste in your mouth. The meal costs $30 per person, plus an optional libation pairing for an extra $15. Or look to Small's new happy hour menu, featuring $2 pints of the house-brewed Black Pepper Pils and Lone Star, as well as $5 cocktails. The restaurant starts serving at 5 p.m., but there is no sit-down time for the dinner.

Speaking of drinks, 903 Brewers is hosting a Galetine's Day pint night series that offers a way to give back. At each of the events, women are encouraged to sign Valentine's Day cards with empowering and uplifting messages that will be sent to local women's shelters, specifically to victims of domestic violence. The series hits the Dot's Hop House and Cocktail Courtyard (Feb. 7, 6-9 p.m.), Intrinsic Smokehouse and Brewery (Feb. 8, 6-9 p.m.), Thirsty Growler (Feb. 9, 6-9 p.m.), Oak Street Drafthouse (Feb. 10, 7-10 p.m.) and 903 Brewers (Feb. 11, noon to 5 p.m.). Some venues are also accepting donations of toiletries, coloring books and other things.

20-plus places to dine with your valentine

Lonely hearts in Frisco can use the holiday as an excuse to try the newly opened Hurts Donut Company. This place turns out 70 crazy varieties of the sugary treat and will have a Valentine's Day special: chocolate-covered strawberry doughnuts. Only 1,000 will be available.

The Trophy Room in Dallas is hosting a stoplight party on Feb. 14 that includes several themed cocktails. For those unfamiliar, a stoplight party requires attendees to wear a certain color associated with their relationship status. Green means single and ready to mingle, red means off the market and yellow means something in between. Drink specials include the Single Mingle (vodka, sour apple liqueur, lemon juice), Take Me Taken (amaretto, Southern Comfort, gin and orange juice), It's Complicated (vodka, lemon juice, sugar, triple sec) and Blind Date (bartender's choice) for $4 each.

Blow off some steam

Marcia Dykes puts the hurt on a television set as she smashes it with a crowbar in the Anger Room in Dallas.

Marcia Dykes puts the hurt on a television set as she smashes it with a crowbar in the Anger Room in Dallas.

Louis DeLuca/The Dallas Morning News

If you're still dealing with some raw emotions, there's a place where you smash your ex to pieces -- figuratively, of course. The Anger Room in Deep Ellum offers patrons the opportunity to take a baseball bat or hammer to furniture, TVs and mannequins to work out the emotional kinks. Owner Donna Alexander started the Anger Room so people would have a safe place to vent their frustrations, and we're guessing it's also quite satisfying. To reserve a 5- to 75-minute time slot, visit the Anger Room's website

If you'd rather kill two birds with one punch, head to an iLoveKickboxing location in Dallas-Fort Worth. On Feb. 13, these gyms are hosting an anti-Valentine's day class called Shred Your Ex. Says a press release, attendees will be able "to punch and kick any of their ex's ... without being labeled a psycho," so that's something. Plus you'll get a work out. The class is available to members only; find out how to join at

Go on a date with R. Kelly (CANCELED)

Say girl, how does an evening with R&B singer R. Kelly sound? Head to Gas Monkey Live on Feb. 14 where he'll be performing. Tickets start at $95.

Update: This show has been postponed to March 5, according to the venue.

Play a one-person game

Where to play arcade games in D-FW

Sometimes a date can just be dead weight. Take yourself out for a game of bowling or disc golf on Valentine's Day and revel in how much you don't have to wait on someone else. Bowlounge in West Dallas is a great spot to play solo because of its stellar food and drinks, but you'll want to get there early because it can get crowded. 

Bowl and Barrel in Dallas is offering free food to ladies on Feb. 14 6-10 p.m. Bring a picture of your ex and they'll throw in a free drink, too.

Not familiar with disc golf? That's OK, all you need is a disc and this quick instructional; the rest is free. Dallas-Fort Worth is home to more than 40 courses. Take a look at to find one near you.

Video games are another solid one-player activity, especially now that bar-arcades -- including one in a cidery! -- are a hot commodity in North Texas. See our video game expert Britton Peele's favorite spots around town.

Sing about it

Anti-V-Day is the name of the game on Feb. 12, when the Front Line Cabaret comes to Fair Park's Magnolia Lounge. Join the entertainers for Obsession and Indifference: A Valentine's Cabaret, which celebrates breakups, broken hearts and all those times you said, "Get out and stay out." (Don't worry, they get it.) Tickets to the event start at $15 if purchased in advance or $20 at the door.

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