Beer is one of those things that can always be enjoyed by itself, no fuss or accessories needed. But sometimes accessories are fun. Check out the below guide for some gift ideas this holiday season.

Cap catcher

My friend made one for me, and I already made one for a Christmas gift this year. Buy a blank shadow box from Michael's, then use an etching cream and whatever stencil you want. You can use any shadow box with a removable top.

The sweet cap catcher my friend made me.

The sweet cap catcher my friend made me.

Mae Rock

Beer Cap Map

Help your friends map what they've been drinking with a beer cap map. There are lots of options for this on Etsy, too, or versions of just your state. This would be perfect for that one friend with a giant bucket of caps he swears he's going to use to cover a table or a bar top (but he's been saying that for five years).


With growler fill stations popping up all over D-FW, giving a sweet growler as a gift will guarantee a happy camper. You can find some great unbranded growlers online, or locally (Costco sells some nice ones), or you can ask around for your giftee's favorite brewery, and buy one with their logo.

Gift guide: 10 boozy ideas for drinkers on your holiday shopping list

Keg cap

From DrinkTanks, these are one of a few options for re-carbonating your growler on the go. For someone traveling with a growler that will be opened and closed multiple times, this gadget is a must-have.

Six-pack carrier

There are lots of ways to get your beer from A to B, and sometimes style (or cooling) counts. There are lots of custom versions of a wooden carrier you can find on Etsy or from a local craftsmith, and the neoprene carriers work great for cooling.

Yeti koozie

Sometimes brand-name doesn't matter, but for the perfect koozie, you have to go Yeti. It's not a cheap gift, but it's a BIFL (Buy It For Life) one.

Homebrew kit

For less than $150, you can get everything needed to start a homebrewing addiction ... er, I mean hobby. Check out local stores for advice and equipment, or order everything you need online.


If you really love them, you can spend hundreds of dollars getting your favorite beer drinker a kegerator (or making one). If you live with your giftee, this is double worth it, since you'll get to help them drink every keg.

My kegorator is ready for the holidays!

My kegorator is ready for the holidays!

Mae Rock

Beer of the Month club membership

Just like wine, you can have different fancy beers delivered to someone monthly.  That someone can be yourself, just sayin'.


This one is obvious -- go to your local craft beer or growler shop, and tell them you want some awesome beer for a gift. Bonus points if you have an idea of what your giftee prefers, but anything unique or seasonal will be welcome.

Booze News Insider Mae Rock is a craft beer enthusiast, and local brewery groupie.

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