Updated, Nov. 6 at 4:11 p.m.: They call him Water Tower Jack. The young boy from Rockwall who dressed up as "a Plano water tower" for Halloween, Jack Barfield, 5, received a belated treat today that some might call better than candy.  

City of Plano public works operation manager David Falls and superintendent of pumping facilities Jeff Davis met Jack and his parents, John and Rachel, at the tower near Plano Event Center for a behind-the-scenes look at its interior. Reps from the city also presented Jack with a hat, custom street sign and t-shirt that reads, "future water tower worker." 

Upon returning from his tour, Jack had one question: 

"Did anybody turn off the light in there?"

Scroll through for a glimpse of Jack's tour, and read our original story about his costume under the photo gallery. 

Original story from Oct. 31:

Parents of young children know: Pick your battles. Love your kids. Don't overthink things. 

7 tips for making an awesome DIY kids' costume, even on a budget

Say, you're like Rachel Barfield of Rockwall, whose 5-year-old son, Jack, has a "weird obsession with the City of Plano and water towers." 

Support that passion. 

That's exactly what Barfield did this Halloween. She spent around 6 hours and roughly 4 cans of fabric paint to construct an elaborate homage to Jack's very specific tastes. It's one of the most creative, if curious, costumes you'll likely see all day. 

"A while ago, [Jack] saw a news clip about the demolition of a Plano water tower," Barfield explains in the caption of a photo shared by the City of Plano. "He says when he grows up, he's moving to Plano. He wants to be a 'Plano water tower worker.'"

Barfield found an inflatable Pokémon ball costume that provided a perfect spherical base, and she checked official city logos to get the design just right, she told GuideLive. Why Plano and not the family's hometown? 

"He was born at Presbyterian Hospital [on Parker Road]," Barfield says. "So, my husband jokes that he has a deep soul connection to Plano." 

Talk about a kid who knows what he wants from life. And, a parent who deserves a massive high-five.

Cuteness overload! This was sent to us this morning. Read why Jack decided to be a "Plano Water Tower" below. My 5 year...

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