There's a house deep in the heart of Texas that's just plain ewww with the Halloween decorations.

A home in Katy has zombie babies on display. In a crib. On the lawn. 

A zombie mother oversees the carnage as the babies gnaw on body parts with some strung up just out of reach, you know, like you put those detergent pods for the washing machine. Forget for a moment that it took some serious talent to make this decoration. And that it took some serious moxie to put it on the lawn in the suburbs. 

(Why would you make a zombie baby anyway? That's just cruel. You might not even be hungry for brains, but you have to go out and get them all the time because they have to eat every three to four hours.)

According to a report on, children in the neighborhood approve. But some parents disagree, with one mother saying "young children should not be exposed to the scene."

The Houston Chronicle talked with the "unidentified homeowner." She said that she and her husband, who are parents to three, just want to have fun.

I wouldn't want to have to make time for the scrutiny that I knew would follow -- or for coaxing my kid out of her room every day. But, who knows? Maybe it's all just a ploy to keep some of those trick-or-treating kids off their lawn.

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