Video game party QuakeCon will be twice as big when it returns to Grapevine in August

We knew QuakeCon would be returning to Grapevine in 2018, but now we know exactly when. The flashy, high-tech video game convention will take place August 9-12 at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center.

What's better, though, is how big it will be: Its organizers say that QuakeCon's Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) area is doubling in size. This is great news, because seats at the event have sold out early for many years running. (Registration for BYOC seats has not yet opened.)

Hosted by Richardson game developer id Software (known for Doom, Wolfenstein and, you know, Quake) and its parent company, Bethesda, QuakeCon attracts thousands of gamers every year for its multi-day local area network (LAN) party. People from all over the world travel to the D-FW with their computers to hang out with like-minded people. Wander around the BYOC and you'll see groups playing hit games like Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, Rocket League, Overwatch and more -- usually with pizza and energy drinks within arm's reach.

If camping out with your computer doesn't sound appealing, the QuakeCon expo floor is free for general attendees. It may not keep you busy for an entire weekend, but by visiting the show you should get a chance to play unreleased video games and might be able to win some free swag.

The BYOC doesn't close at night, but if you don't want to fall asleep in your chair, you should probably consider getting a room at the hotel. QuakeCon attendees can book a stay at the Gaylord for a special room rate of $185 per night.

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