We thought we had seen the last trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but like Skywalkers, "there is another."

Today, the Internet is buzzing after the release of the Japanese trailer for the upcoming movie. This isn't too unheard of, really. Fans of big franchise movies (like most of the Marvel films, for example) will often obsess over international trailers because they might contain -- no joke -- a few extra frames of movie content we haven't yet seen. The tiniest glimpse of a new character or new environment can be enough to get everybody excited.

This new Star Wars trailer, though? It actually shows a whole heck of a lot. Maybe enough, in fact, that those ultra-wary of spoilers will want to avoid it.

OK, so we could spend a very long time just obsessing over the cool shots (Tie Fighters at sunset! So much BB-8!) or we could take hours talking about how these new bits of dialogue may give credence to the theories that Rey and Kylo Ren are the children of Han and Leia Solo, or ...

... or we could just watch it a few more times, begging the Force to bring December 18 to us sooner.

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