Raise a glass to freedom (something they can never take away) at a Hamilton-inspired edition of the Dallas Museum of Art's Late Night series. The musical has influenced people of all ages to look deeper into the true history of one of America's Founding Fathers, and while the songs have earned the praise of historians, there is still a lot to learn. 

Late Nights at the DMA

So whether you don't yet have a ticket to the big show or you'll just never be satisfied by a finite amount of Hamilton, this sounds like a good way for a fan to spend his or her time. Learn about Gen. George Washington, look around at how lucky you are to hear Eliza Schuyler's story and get a tour of art from the American Revolution.

What comes next? Well, bookending the history lessons are singalongs featuring your favorite Hamilton songs alongside Hamiltunes Dallas. Have a friend who can expertly rap Lafayette's lines? Get that guy in front of a crowd. There is a break between the singalongs for Act I and Act II, so he'll have time to change into his Thomas Jefferson costume. Sign up early if you don't want to throw away your shot onstage, but everybody in the crowd is welcome to sing loud and proud.

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