Did you know you could saddle up for a horseback ride at Southfork Ranch?

We know a lot about fun things to do in North Texas; helping plan your week is kind of our bread and butter at GuideLive.

But, here's a fun thing we didn't know: If you occasionally fall silent at your desk, mind distantly imagining yourself astride a steed galloping along the grounds at Southfork Ranch, well, that daydream is perhaps more tangible than expected.

Sorry. Must have drifted off again. The setting of TV's Dallas offers a day-long package to experience the historic Southfork Ranch on horseback. Definitely a thrill for ultimate super-fans of the classic show (Oh, they're out there; they passionately tried in 2014 to keep alive the late Dallas reboot), the opportunity is perfect for horse-riding beginners or the three or four native Texans who weren't raised on a working cattle ranch.

The day begins at 10 a.m. with a two-hour Horse Education segment before a tour of the grounds on horseback. Afterwards, you'll explore the Ewing "mansion" in a private tour and see the gun that shot J.R., a press release notes.

Shower with Patrick Duffy not included.

The package likely appeals most to the TV show's fans, of which there are millions, if the original series' global ratings are any indication. (May we recommend it as a gift for your Yankee in-laws?) But, we're guessing the ranch's historical value lends itself to the interest of more accomplished riders and local horse lovers, too. The site in Parker, Texas, also known as Duncan Acres, is actually the second location used for the fictional Southfork, as our Alan Peppard explained in 2015, but it's the one famously shown in the show's opening credits. It boasts a rich history of its own accord.

In addition to the trail ride, the package also includes a deli lunch, gift shop credit and "send-off snack," before wrapping things up at 3:30 p.m., the release says. It's available for groups of 2 to 6, and prices vary, depending on the size of the group. Riders must be at least 8 years-old. Check out the official Southfork Ranch website for reservation details and further guidelines.

Sue Ellen daydream temporarily suspended, we now return to our normally-scheduled work day.

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