Happy birthday, Whataburger! Here are some of our favorite facts and memories of the beloved Texas food chain

August 8 is Whataburger's birthday, and we forgot to get the 68-year-old fast food chain a present. It's not for a lack of caring, though, because like most Texans we care quite a bit about Whataburger.

We're not alone, of course. Selena Gomez's favorite burger joint? Whataburger. When Kristin Chenoweth performed in Dallas in 2017, she was sipping on a Whataburger cup. Those burgers are important to a lot of people, y'all.

So in lieu of a gift, we're celebrating Whataburger's birthday by remembering some of our favorite stories about it:

That time they planned a Texas couple's prom

You've almost certainly never seen a fast food place look this fancy.


This Dallas-made Whataburger float? Making it was a bit of a circus.

This dude's awesome Whataburger poem that went viral

"Oh Whataburger, you would be a sweet, sweet lover." It might be creepy if it were about any other fast food chain. (OK, maybe it's a bit creepy anyway. But also very funny.)

That time they gave free food to the first responders in Houston

Burgers may not have been able to fix the immense problems caused by Hurricane Harvey, but they at least eased some pain for the brave people responding to emergencies.

That time Whataburger employees took care of a mama duck

"She's a Texas duck through and through."

The fact that we can roll up in a $643,000 Rolls Royce

Because where else would we go in such a fancy car?

The fact that school rivalries revolve around Whataburger

"Winner gets the Whataburger" is one way to make high school football even more Texan.

Any non-Texan's first bite

When we learned that Hannah Wise -- poor, poor Hannah Wise -- had never had Whataburger, we forced her to document the experience late one night. "As my good friend pointed out to me though, 3 a.m. Whataburger is the best Whataburger -- a sentiment with which I have to agree."

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