Heinz launches a social media campaign for "mayochup" on April 12. MUST CREDIT: Heinz 

Heinz launches a social media campaign for "mayochup" on April 12. MUST CREDIT: Heinz 


Updated on July 13: It's National French Fry Day! We originally wrote this post on April 19 in response to Heinz's "mayochup," but feel free to scroll straight to the bottom to tell us what you think is best (or grossest) on fries.

Original story: Heinz (you know, the ketchup people) approached their social media followers with an idea: What if the condiment company combined ketchup and mayonnaise and called it "mayochup"? For the small price of 500,000 votes in a Twitter poll, they would release the concoction in the United States. It's already available in the Middle East.

The poll, which is now closed, got more than 930,000 votes -- though only 55 percent of those votes said "yes" to the dress(ing). It also sparked a surprisingly intense internet debate over who really came up with the idea to combine mayonnaise and ketchup. Does it come from Puerto Rico? Venezuela? Utah

Even more people simply asked the question "Isn't this just fry sauce?" Or, if you're a fan of the movie Step Brothers, "Isn't this just fancy sauce?" The idea is not very original.

Personally, I asked, "Who would ruin ketchup with mayonnaise?"

That was not, as it turns out, the right thing to say to some of my coworkers. It kicked off a heated discussion about what one GuideLive referred to as "DIP FEELINGS" (all caps). Apparently, condiment feelings are some of the strongest food feelings.

A lot of love was shared for all varieties of Chick-Fil-A sauces. Brentney Hamilton praised the chipotle ketchup from Village Burger Bar. Charlie Scudder made Texas proud with a Whataburger spicy ketchup shoutout. Wendy's Frosties were even mentioned as a french-fry dipper, and Amanda Wilkins admitted that she will dip her fries in tartar sauce because, in her own words, she has "no shame."

What won't we dip fries in? Only GuideLive's Tiney Ricciardi would fess up to dipping fries in hummus, which even some of our bravest staffers opposed. Another writer says "heck no" to blue cheese in any shape or form.

Possibly the only sauce we didn't have opinions on was Ed's sauce from Good Burger, only because it doesn't exist.

This office debate isn't likely to end any time soon (and I'm now worried that a colleague will go rogue and poison my next burger with remoulade), so we thought we would ask you: 

What is the best sauce out there for fries, and what's the worst?

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