The discovery of chocolate mixed with peanut butter was a divine revelation that bards still write songs about. But we've been there. We've done that. So where do we go now? According to Blue Bell Ice Cream, the next step is to throw cookie dough into the mix.

Blue Bell says that their Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough ice cream flavor is available in stores starting today in both half gallon and pint sizes, but only for a limited time. It's a mixture of chocolate ice cream with pieces of peanut butter cookie dough and chunks of milk chocolate.

Their announcement about the peanut butter chocolate goodness goes on to remind folks that they also just released an Ice Cream Cone flavor -- a vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate-covered cone pieces. But I don't see peanut butter or cookie dough on that list of ingredients, so your level of enjoyment may vary on that one.

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