This Dallas restaurant makes list of the world's best dinners this year, says 'Forbes' writer

In a list of "My 10 Favorite Restaurant Meals of 2017," Forbes contributor Larry Olmsted named Uptown Dallas steakhouse Nick & Sam's as one of the best.

It's a fascinating addition for two reasons.

First, Dallas has a good food scene but sometimes struggles to compete even with other Texas cities (Austin, Houston and sometimes San Antonio) and certainly other U.S. cities (New York City, Los Angeles and the like). And this Forbes list is global, which means Olmsted's dinner at Nick & Sam's topped other restaurants the world over. Nick & Sam's was Olmsted's only Texas restaurant on the list. Yeehaw!

Second, Nick & Sam's is not a new steakhouse, and food and travel writers, myself included, sometimes err on the side of shiny when it comes to restaurant recommendations. Olmsted explains: "Unlike most publications, I don't confuse 'new' with good," he writes. "If I ate someplace this year that I have already visited several times in the past, that's because the place is still great." Amen.

Outside of the writer's favorite meals in Tokyo, San Francisco, and Chicago, he says Dallas is "arguably the nation's best steakhouse city."

He lauds Nick & Sam's for its selection of "real Japanese beef." He also says, in so many words, that it's ultra glammy -- and he's right.

"It's a big, bustling, buzzy place that attracts celebrities and has a bit too much South Beach feel for me ... but the menu and food quality cannot be beat."

Find details on Nick & Sam's here.

Read Forbes' "My 10 Favorite Restaurant Meals of 2017" here.

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