#getfried Fry Cafe is expected to open in Deep Ellum in early 2018. 

#getfried Fry Cafe is expected to open in Deep Ellum in early 2018. 


You would like fries with that. At #getfried Fry Cafe, nearly everybody gets fries with that.

This franchise is expanding to Texas in a big way, and Dallas is part of that plan. Getfried is expected to open on Main Street in Deep Ellum in 2018, according to a press release. It'll also expand to Humble (a suburb of Houston), the University of Texas campus in Austin and to San Antonio.

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The restaurant doesn't only sell fries, but let's be real, they're why you're still reading. Diners at Getfried will choose their type of fry -- hand-cut, straight, curly, waffle, funnel or sweet potato -- then choose a dipping sauce like ketchup, basil-pesto mayo or honey mustard. Or the restaurant also sells fry baskets that come piled with ingredients. The 716, for instance, (named for the area code in Getfried's home city of Buffalo, N.Y.) is a bed of fries topped with shredded chicken, buffalo sauce and blue cheese. 

You're gonna need a fork.

Founder Chris Covelli says this expanding restaurant is aimed at millennials. "... We know that #getfried intersects the ubiquity of the hashtag with America's love affair with French fries," Covelli says.

Some of the upcoming Getfried cafes will be located in food trucks and walk-up cafes. The Deep Ellum Getfried will be a more traditional order-at-the-counter restaurant.

Peep the menu here. 

#getfried Fry Cafe is expected to open at 2656 Main Street in Deep Ellum in early 2018.

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