The Spiral Diner is an all-vegan restaurant. Its chocolate pie was featured in 'A Ghost Story.'

The Spiral Diner is an all-vegan restaurant. Its chocolate pie was featured in 'A Ghost Story.'

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"That pie scene": That's what some people are talking about after they've seen A Ghost Story, says Slate. The rated-R film starring Casey Affleck isn't really about pie. And yet, a dramatic, five-minute, mostly silent scene in which widow Rooney Mara eats a vegan chocolate mousse pie has movie lovers moving their lips.

That pie is from Spiral Diner, the vegan restaurant with locations in Dallas and Fort Worth, and with a shop in Denton opening any day now.

As Slate explains, the pie-eating scene is seen as "rage eating" by ScreenCrush, "comfort eating" by The Verge. It's gross, it's boring, depending on who you ask. It's certainly "one of the most memorable pie-related moments ever committed to film," Slate says. American Pie be damned.

Could that pie-eating scene have been so compelling because Mara apparently had "never had pie before," the LA Times reports? (Say it with me: What?)

The Oreo-crusted pie came from Spiral Diner because Spiral co-owner James Johnston is a producer on the movie. A Ghost Story director David Lowery told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that the pie scene is his "favorite scene in the movie." 

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A Ghost Story might also "frustrate a lot of people," Lowery tells our culture critic Chris Vognar. It's "a straight-up art house movie," Lowery tells Vognar, who describes it as "deliberative, experimental and more contemplative than scary."

The movie was shot right here in D-FW, mostly in Irving.

Back to the pie: While you might expect that Spiral Diner will be selling vegan chocolate pies like crazy, Dallas Spiral Diner manager Mark McClure says it'll become available whenever the bakers choose to make it, and that it's only a rotating dessert.

"It really depends on what the bakers feel like making that morning," he says.

A Ghost Story is playing in theaters nowSpiral Diner is a vegan restaurant located at 1101 North Beckley Avenue, Dallas, and 1314 West Magnolia Avenue, Fort Worth. The shop at 608 E Hickory Street, Denton, opens soon.

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