If you're not rolling with the rolled ice cream trend yet, it's time to hop on. Rolled ice cream is spinning in well over a half-dozen dessert shops in Dallas-Fort Worth and has even resulted in hours-long lines while ice cream enthusiasts wait for sweet treats.

What's the deal with rolled ice cream? We explain this Instagram-worthy dessert rolling into Dallas-Fort Worth

I-CE NY made a cool debut in Carrollton earlier this year. A second I-CE NY is opening in D-FW at Firewheel Market in Garland in mid July, according to a spokesperson.

At this shop, customers pick an ice cream base flavor and mix-ins, which are then rolled into little bouquets and set inside a cup. Our Brooke Palandro explains that rolled ice cream tastes a whole lot like regular ice cream. But it's so much more Instagrammable.

I-CE NY is technically a company from Thailand called I-TIM-PAD that launched in the United States with the I-CE NY name in 2015. Carrollton was I-CE NY's first Texas store. The company expects to open a shop in Houston soon.

The Garland I-CE NY will be located in Firewheel Market, at the intersection of the President George Bush Turnpike and SH-78, at 4430 Lavon Drive, Garland.

Where to get rolled ice cream in Dallas-Fort Worth:

  • Orchid City Fusion Café: 2135 Southeast Parkway #101, Arlington.
  • Chills 360: 2646 Elm St., Dallas.
  • I-CE-NY: 2625 Old Denton Road #812, Carrollton. (Garland location coming soon.)
  • 7F Ice Cream Rolls: 2150 N. Josey Lane #124, Carrollton.
  • 10F Rolling Ice Cream: 6121 W. Park Blvd., Plano (in the Shops at Willow Bend food court).
  • Iceland Ice Cream: 1201 W. Arbrook Blvd. #121, Arlington.
  • 8 Degrees Ice Cream Mania: 5615 Colleyville Blvd., Colleyville.
  • Snowflake Cafe - Richardson: 312 N. Greenville Ave., Richardson.
  • Snowflake Cafe - Plano: 2001 Coit Road, Plano.
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