Aren't mimosas the best?


We were going to do a list of the "best bottomless mimosa brunches in Dallas" but got tipped off to a little incident in San Antonio.

This summer, the San Antonio Current published an article about bottomless mimosa brunches which turned into a hit list for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Apparently bottomless mimosas are illegal in Texas.

Let us explain: The ban on your bottomless mimosas is in the TABC's 2016 Administrative Rules (PDF). A section titled "On-Premises Promotions," forbids any bar or restaurant to "sell, serve, or offer to sell or serve an undetermined quantity of alcoholic beverages for a fixed price or "all you can drink" basis."

That means bragging about your bottomless mimosa brunch is a quick way to get your party shut down.


That's what the restaurants featured in Current's article found out. Several restaurants highlighted in the article were given TABC violation warnings. 

This resulted in San Antonio brunch becoming a little less crunk and a little more expensive.


That is why we will not tell you about the best Dallas bottomless mimosa spots. 

You're welcome.

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