What-a-big-deal: Whataburger delivery is being tested in Dallas

Proof: That's me eating a Whataburger taquito in my Dallas Morning News cubicle.

Details are limited. That's the first thing to know.

Second: I can confirm that it's possible to order a Whataburger sausage, egg and cheese taquito online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

A delivery service and app called DoorDash is testing Whataburger deliveries in an undisclosed part of Dallas, according to DoorDash spokesman Eitan Bencuya.

[UPDATE at 10:50 a.m. Aug. 24: Whataburger does not have an official partnership with DoorDash -- or any other food delivery service -- says a Whataburger spokeswoman.]

"It's actually just a small experiment to gauge customer interest and demand," says Bencuya, speaking of DoorDash's test. "It may be gone tomorrow; it may be kept up for a week or so."

The test kicked off the morning of Monday, Aug. 24. As of Tuesday, Aug. 25, Whataburger delivery was still available via DoorDash in certain parts of Dallas.

DoorDash is the same company that recently launched Taco Bell delivery in the Dallas area.

That service, once limited to areas in Dallas, Far North Dallas and West Plano, recently expanded Taco Bell delivery to the Colony and Frisco, Bencuya says. DoorDash is a third-party vendor that delivers dozens of companies' food, including Dickey's Barbecue, LYFE Kitchen, Angry Dog, Bread Winners Cafe, the Rustic and many more.

My Whataburger taquito cost $8.18 -- nearly three times its price of $2.95 when you factor in tax and delivery.

How it works

I ordered a Whataburger taquito at 9:57 a.m. from doordash.com. (DoorDash also has a mobile app.) My burrito arrived at 10:20 a.m., 30 minutes earlier than its expected 10:50 a.m. arrival.

The taquito was lukewarm; the cheese was still gooey but the tortilla was a little tough. That's part of the process, folks: It traveled in someone else's car before it landed at my desk. It wasn't as if it came straight from the drive-thru window.

The spokesman couldn't confirm which areas of Dallas have available delivery. If you don't seen an option for Whataburger on doordash.com, you are likely not part of test area.

Stay tuned, hungry people.

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Whataburger's famous taquitos come with sausage, egg and cheese, right; bacon, egg and cheese, left; as well as with potatoes. They are the ultimate Texas breakfast.

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