Flashy tequila bottle with 4,100 diamonds travels to Dallas this week

Calling all high rollers, this week a $3.5 million bottle of tequila will be in Dallas.

The spirit, a product of Mexican distiller Hacienda la Capilla, is an extra añejo tequila called Ley .925. It's distilled from 100 percent agave, but that's not what makes this a millionaire's drink.

The tequila comes in a platinum vessel, known as the Diamond Sterling, encrusted with 4,100 diamonds netting 369 carats.

When it spends three days on display at Spec's Wine and Spirits on North Central Expressway in Dallas, Diamond Sterling will also be accompanied by two body guards.

The bottle was designed by Mexican artist Fernando Altamirano, who told Reuters it took 10 months to conceptualize and four years to create. Each diamond was situated by hand, he said.

Altamirano is no stranger to luxury goods, holding three Guinness World Records for products similar to the Diamond Sterling. In 2006, a tequila bottle he designed sold for $225,000 at auction in Mexico City, garnering the record for most expensive bottle in the world. More recently he created a water bottle of 24-carat gold that sold for $60,000 and a bottle of mezcal that went for $74,000.

Altamirano is hoping to break his own record by selling the Diamond Sterling at auction for its estimated $3.5 million.

The Diamond Sterling will be available for viewing at Spec's from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Dec. 17-19. It will be in a case, but the añejo tequila is sold separately in a much less expensive bottle ($52.62). If spending millions on a bottle of booze is more your taste, bring a checkbook -- press representative Joni Verdina said if a buyer is interested, a deal may be possible.

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